Day 1: Tonight was my last Band Banquet and I was lucky enough to be chosen for two awards. The first award on the left is the Director’s Award, given for leadership in the band. My band director said “she’s like another band director.” Well shucks, I’d hope some day to be that. So that award is pretty awesome. The award on the right is the Puma Pride Award, it’s the student selected award given to two people that really represent the band program. I can’t believe how lucky I am to even be considered for this award and actually feel pretty proud to wear that name on my back.
I learned quite a bit today that I think I already knew, but hadn’t quite realized. I learned that I have the right idea on how to lead but I have so much to learn about how to lead a diverse group, how to teach to a general audience and how to become someone people want to follow. I’m pretty pumped to learn how to do these things because I’m pretty sure that’s what makes a teacher good. I think. We’ll find out soon enough.
I think learning to lead is something everyone needs to know because every single person has their own life to lead. If we don’t direct our lives in the way that makes us happy and give us a sense of fulfillment then we will never achieve personal success. Accomplishing a task either personally or collectively helps me realize that I am better than I had immediately presumed. I’m trying to lead my life in a direction that will make me happy but I know I’ve got mountains to climb. Let’s do this.


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