I’ve been reading a book about North Korea recently (You can find a review here). Something that really impressed me today, was the statement “I had no choice” (Demick 74). It got me thinking about how much choice I have. Everyone has the choice of when to get up, what to eat for breakfast, how to to look today, and these become subconscious from routine eventually. But there are so many ways to look at choice and decision. We choose to be happy, we choose to be sad, we choose to see the good and the ugly, we choose how to react and we choose who we are.

Reading up on choice I found this article about the power of choice, and I loved the 3 steps, Prepare, EvaluateFollow Through. I’m going to take these three steps and use them to explain my perspective on how each one will help me become the person I am.

Prepare – For a long time I let whatever I was told dictate my actions. I was pushed this way and that and there wasn’t anything really unique about who I was. The past couple of years I’ve been hiding my doubts and my questions. This suppression became a weight to me and when I finally embraced the direction I wanted to go, it seemed an explosion of difference to those around me who didn’t know what was going on. I am one to be impulsive, but I’ve gotten a handle on how to prepare to show others change I’m going through. I have plans in my head and heart about the person I want to be, but everything has it’s time and some things have to wait. That’s the beauty of the present because now I have time to prepare for change, and I will do my best to keep up with it.

I’m a firm believer that no one is ever ready, and that we don’t have to be. (This perspective came from Abigail Green) We can never perfectly predict what the future holds and we have to be flexible to what may be. I think the unknown is dangerous and wonderful. I will never be ready to start college, but the time is coming up and I have to face it either way. I am certainly not ready for my first real job that starts on Monday. I’m not ready for anything. But I can be prepared to work with the consequences. I wasn’t prepared to lose a dear friend so suddenly, and sometimes I struggle grasping the change. (My comfort song for this situation is Through My Prayers) I can’t say I consciously made a decision to prepare for this because I wasn’t expecting a change, and I wasn’t ready. But, I decided the moment everything collapsed that I was in charge of my reaction and that I’d prepare myself to deal with the consequences that would surely follow in the weeks and months to come. And that’s the best I can do.

Evaluate – Before outwardly taking action that cannot be undone, I try to evaluate all the possible outcomes and where they lead. There are so many options that can stem from one choice and it’s vital to me to choose the best one. And even when I do pick an action, and commit to making it, I have to evaluate when the proper time is, who it will affect, the sacrifices I will be making, and what benefits I receive from doing so. I saw two great quotes on Pinterest today:If Its still there
I think if there’s something in your mind, and you can’t get rid of the thought then take action on what you want (as long as it won’t interfere with the happiness of others). This is something I wish people would do more. Take the time to ponder what you want, why you want it and how to get it. And then go do it.

Think too muchAnother quote that got me thinking… Thinking is a wonderful thing, I think all the time, and probably too much. But expression is so important after thought. To keep one’s intellect confined to the mind is such a loss of opportunity. If you’ve got something to say, than say it. Be bold, be you, and don’t be subject to what the world expects you to be.

Follow Through – Commitment is something people are so afraid of. We have created a culture where commitment isn’t necessary. Leases can be broken, marriage is old school, and journeys can be cut short. I think it’s such a shame that it is common and accepted to test the waters but never go for a swim. I feel like I can’t live unless I commit to something and see it through to the end. We have to trust ourselves that we are strong enough, we are good enough and we have the power to finish.

I have power. You have power. And we can all change things. We can take off the layers of securities and let our true selves shine through. We are in power to shape our lives to be the way we want them to be.

Bonus: Today I learned that apparently it’s weird to like your coffee not all sugared up haha.


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