Can I just say something about scars?

To anyone who has a scar,

A scar is a reminder of a wound that has healed. Whether that wound be physical, emotional, or mental, the concept is the same. You’re strong because of what you’ve been through. Scars are like battle marks that say “I’ve been through a war, and I survived.” Don’t mess with people with scars, they know how to survive.

If you’re afraid to show yourself because your scars may be revealed, don’t fret, It’s human to feel ashamed of deformities. But we are all different for a reason. I’ve got three hideous scars on my hip from where I had hip surgery, and because of them I’ve always felt uncomfortable about wearing a swimsuit. Not anymore. I’m proud of my scars because they are a representation of where I’ve been and what I’ve survived.

Scars won’t define who you are, as long as you don’t let them. My scars are sometimes obstacles to overcome, but they’re not impossible to conquer.

If you have a scar of any kind, be proud, it means you did something, you summoned enough courage to act, or fought against something, or you made a memory, and whatever happened, you got hurt, but you didn’t let that destroy who you are. You are still you, you breathe, you still see, and you can still be you the way you want to be.

Scars are beautiful in their own special way…


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