I spent all of today alone. I woke up and the rest of my family was a few hours away at a soccer game. I ran on my own clock today, just me (and my dog). And running on my own time was one of the most beautiful things I’ve felt.

First, I woke up and got out of bed when I felt rested instead of being dictated by a clock. I went down stairs and started cleaning the kitchen, got bored and went to the piano instead. I played some music until I got tired, then I laid down on my fantastically large 5 foot piano bench and took a nap. After about 20 minutes I went back to the kitchen and finished. This cycle of clean something, play the piano went on for hours. In between playing I would turn up my Bluegrass Station (Side tangent, a couple of people in my English class were astonished, almost offended yesterday when I said I didn’t know who Lana Del Rey was. That goes to show how much I avoid the radio…)

This absence on time was a wonderfully relieving experience. I had no commitments to be somewhere at a certain time, nothing to pull me away from myself and my thoughts.

That’s another thing I did today. A lot of thinking. The voice in my head keeps me good company. I do think everyone should have a chat with the voice inside their head, just to set somethings straight and be comfortable with who’s the tenant inside you.

I’ve read this somewhere but I was just thinking about it again today, how does everything else exist in perfect harmony with an absence of time? Is time a human concept that we created to define something?

Think about it. Birds don’t live off time. They go where they please and fulfill their role of animals. They return home when Mother Nature says goodnight, and wake up when she shines her light on them. Birds exist just fine running on this situation. Why can’t humans have a generally similar concept of time. We let time dictate everything. We depend our happiness on how long we are going to live, or how long will it take to get enough money for this. Blah blah blah, it’s all pointless. We must find our way to be happy on our own time table without the influence of others in a way that feel right for individuals

The same concept of how minutes or hours drag on, but when a month has passed it feels like the blink of an eye. .Maybe time is a human-created phenomenon that we allow ourselves to be subject to.

One last thought. I love to capture memories in my head, I do this by looking at what I want to capture and thinking about it really hard, making a very conscious decision to remember the image burned into my mind.


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