Embrace the Weird

I am a weirdo. That’s not new. If you’ve ever met, you could pretty much tell that I don’t do the whole “normal” thing. And I guess that puts me in the odd category. So if I naturally fit outside the norm, why not make the most of it? Having this mind set allows me to have so much more fun actually.

11225267_806927352736372_2071834655334634709_nWe are doing a picture a day countdown for graduation that’s band themed, and today’s prompt was you on the field off season. So, my friend Cari and I went out to the field during lunch and took some pretty hilarious pictures. Here they are, for your enjoyment…

The one on top is Cari, I’m in the picture on the bottom. I still chuckle when I look at this.

I realized a lot of the time, I find something laughable when it seems like everyone else just 11108837_690754051028732_157287202989818946_nsays “meh”. Recently I’ve been trying to laugh when I want to laugh. If I think something is funny, then by golly I should laugh.

That’s what embracing the weird really is. It’s not about accepting what’s “odd” about you, it’s about loving what makes you unique. I’m trying to appreciate more the differences I see in myself verse what I see in others. One thing I love about myself is my ability to be spontaneous and try something on a whim. There are plenty other things that I enjoy about myself, but just the idea of loving myself helps me be more confident in the person I want to be.

I think a lot, so naturally I wish everyone would embrace who they are. Could you imagine how much creativity would be in this world if everyone went in their own completely unique and personal path? If we didn’t have the social pressure to “fit in” and “be cool” then our capacity to create would expand.

Who wants to “fit in” anyway? There’s so many cool things in the world to try. (This just reminds me of the article about not being ready, you don’t have to be ready, you’re not supposed to be). This idea sparked from a post I saw, you can go through is here. Again, here is an instance when I am still chuckling to myself because I think those pictures are hilarious.

every personThere is so much freedom in freeing yourself from the ties of the flow. There’s no pressure to keep up with the trends, you can be you, and have no one to define yourself except you. That makes you completely different and it’s a beautiful thing. I saw a good quote on Pinterest, and I will insert it to the left. There you go. I love it. Everyone has their own “weird” story to tell, and everyone wants to tell it to some extent. You just have to have the patience and desire to sit and listen to the whole thing. I love hearing people’s stories, it fascinates me interesting people’s lives can be.

I am a strong believer that being unique is worth so much more than being part of the crowd. No one successful today got there by going to the way of the norm.

Just be you, love you for the way you are. I love me for the way I am becoming, and I know I’ll continue to grow the way I am. I’m excited to see how I’ll grown up . And I’m excited to see who you are deep down.

Your soul is a beautiful creature waiting to be understood.


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