Pennies Count For Something

I’m trying to save up for a few things right now, a plane ticket to my sister’s wedding, and a car. On top of moving out soon and taking over my own insurance too. Woo.

I went through my cash stash today. I put all my cash and change in there because I know if I have it on me, I will spend it. It’s bad. But I went through and counted it up today. And from change alone I got $36.49. Lots and Lots of pennies.

I just want to compare that to the way life is. We can’t all be waiting on the lottery to strike it rich. We can’t wait for one moment to fulfill of success. Just like happiness, we can’t wait for one super spectacular moment to fulfill all happiness for ourselves. We have to take it step by step and gather every penny that comes our way.

Some things I noticed today that just brought me a penny of happy were:

My shoes matched my shirt very well

My hair looked nice after being in a braid

my hand writing looked good on a paper I wrote

I sang the correct verse while singing a song in the car

I decided not to go the awards night and it wasn’t a big deal

I ate 5 slices of pizza

I also had some ice cream

My fan feels nice on my face because Arizona is hot

The sunshine makes everything a little bit brighter

All these little bits of happiness combined to make a day that was just filled with little bits and pieces of joy. I love these days, nothing can seem to tear you down but yet you remain relaxed and calm. It’s a beautiful combination.

I love small pleasures , don’t forget the things that bring you joy.


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