Close Your Tired Eyes

Feeling tired? Me too. Let’s sleep.

Almost bed time haha. I learned something today about being tired. If you’re tired take a nap. Get comfortable, set a time, and just relax into sleep. This is all speaking from a physical standpoint.

But think about this as mental therapy as well. Are you tired of a certain problem? Just take a break or a breather. Take two seconds to get your head on straight. This will help the situation immensely. It’s no wonder naps are so wonderful, they give us a chance to realign everything that’s wearing us out.

If you can feel the tired setting in, then you may be near the end of this journey for you. It may be time to close your eyes and wait for the next chapter to start.

Don’t be afraid you’ll miss the moment if you close your eyes. And even if you do, then know that you are not meant to see everything. Seeing alone can be harmful the human mind disregarding the concept of understanding. Live in the moments you do see and do not fear to miss some. Everyone need a time out.

I’m living in moments, well, at least I’m trying to.


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