I Will Not Grow Up

Great song I heard on Pandora this week: Photosynthesis. I love this song actually. It really got me thinking about growing up.

Stop. You have to listen to the song to understand this post. So come back when you have listened to it.

Promise you listened to it? I love it. Now, I can continue.

I love that the stigma about growing up seems like a full time job that you don’t enjoy, boring days, and suppression of expression (hey, that rhymed!).

11275598_692476787523125_1192088018_nI’m not going to “grow up”. I refuse to leave behind the person I am (the person I’m becoming). I won’t subject myself to be what the world considers “Adult”. I don’t think I could if I wanted to. Would you like to know why? I have too much fun doing random, “childish”, things. For Pete’s sake, I’m going to the Arizona Science Center today. Other examples of how I’m totally never going to be an adult…

This is me sitting in a box. We did senior projects in English to finish the school year, and in my specific class we switched people, so I did someone’s project and they did mine. At the end of the presentation we gave each other gifts that are meaningful to our person. My friend gave me this box because I’m going to dorm next year. It’s got a cushion on top, and storage space inside. So, obviously I tried to fit in it. Duh. What else am I supposed to do? Store logical things in it? No way. It’s a seat. I promise. Oh and it’s also a chalkboard surface and it’s actually fantastic. I love it so much. Thank you.

A11328962_692481397522664_2095586322_nnother one of my shining moments. After the last band concert, my family got me some roses because it was the last time after 4 years of concerts… oh my gosh. 4 years. That’s ridiculous. Anyway, so I got home, and then I had this planned out. I presented my sister with a bouquet of corn dogs, because “you’re my friend”. If you haven’t seen that video you are not living life well enough. Here, let me give you the video because you’re my friend.

So yes, I got corn dogs, and stuck them on longer sticks and then proceeded to present them to Emily. She’s lovely at posing. It’s things like this that I never want to stop doing. I love the idea that if you see something, or think of something you can do or give that will make someone laugh, or will make them happy then do it. It can mean everything to them. It doesn’t have to cost much, that bouquet

Back to that song, think about it, why would you want to grow up to be what the world defines as an adult? It doesn’t seem like fun. At least not for me. That’s not my path. I’m going somewhere crazy, and new and exciting. I’m ready for whatever change life thinks it can throw at me.

So today, I’m going to smile and I’m going to be me. I am not a kid, I’m not an adult, I’m not an age, or a weight, or a height (as much as people think I am), I am Miss Maddie Jane


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