The Secrets of the Patterns in the Sky

When I lived in China, I used to sit on the roof of my house and look at the stars. My favorite season to go out was winter. Orion was directly overhead at about 11pm most of the season and I just fell in love with the Hunter. I love the simpleness of dots that are connected make a beautiful picture with a story and culture, and purpose.

For a while I thought I was going to be an astronaut. I was going to go to Mars on the 3 year expedition that NASA is planning soon. I was so ready to study Astrophysics at ASU and do whatever it took to get into space.

I still love the stars more than lots and lots of things. I get a feeling deep inside my core of the vastness of the universe and the beauty it holds. Right now, on my ceiling in my bedroom, there is an arrangement of glow in the dark stars that are in the same shape as Orion.

Considering this to be connection to events in life I was thinking, this is all a human creation. There is no way on earth that the stars that make up Orion were placed specifically the way they are so they can be interpreted the way we see them. Humans created this for a sense of organization in a sea of chaos.

And then my thought process cleared up and I asked myself, what connections am I making the make my life a beautiful interpretation of the events that happened? I realize now that there is such an incredible difference in the amount of stars we have in our lived and how we connect them together.


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