The Bird in the Cage

I11262264_693360617434742_1974381547_n got a graduation present today, a necklace with a pendant of a bird in a cage. I know there’s lots of things out there about birds in cages, why they sing, if they’re trapped and what not.

I think in someway we are all birds in cages. The door is open for us to spread our wings and take flight into the world, or the option to stay safe inside the bars of familiarity and comfort are available to us. Right now, I feel like I’m seeing two opposite ends of the spectrum in people.

I see some people who will stay in their cage because it fits them, it is not a limitation but a home. And I see people that have wheels instead of feet, they are constantly moving from place to place.

I’m fairly, 100% sure, that I need to spread my wings and explore. I’m standing on the edge of the cage (with graduation so close, this Wednesday), I’m ready to jump and fly. I think my personality type is one such that I cannot find complete peace inside my cage. I need to be free to explore all the places there are to be.

I want to go to the South, I want to visit Egypt, I would love to go back to Rome. While I love Arizona, my heart and mind are not tied here in such a way that it would limit me from taking off. I love the place that I am from, but I do believe it is getting to a point in which it is time for my soul to be somewhere new.

My wings have been used somewhat. I’ve been to numerous countries, and have been fortunate enough to travel quite a bit. I’ve always flown and grown with my family. I’ve always had the backup I needed to help me get through the struggles. And now I’m prepared to make a solo flight into the world.

Ready, set, go.


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