A Day of Events

So today was a day. It was eventful and not quite the best ways.

There was supposed to be a graduation meeting at 6 am, and fortunately for me, I woke up at 6:37. Wonderful, right? I got up and went right there, thankfully, they were like, you can still walk. So whatever. Afterwords there was breakfast, and it was pretty yummy.

When I got home, my sister came over and we talked about her dog for a bit and some medical problems the dog was having. As sad as the situation is, I tried really hard not to let it bring my mood down. So, for lunch my friend Cari and I were going to go out and find something. On my way to pick her up from school, I was stopped at an intersection, and whatever happened and I ended up rear-ending the person in front of me at 4 mph.It was great. It actually was better than it should have been. There was no damage on the other car, no need to go through insurance, the police didn’t take my info for a ticket, and I only completely wrecked my hood.

That definitely put a damper on things though. Not so fun to deal with. But the car was still drive-able so whatever, I’ll fix it.

Later that night, it was time to go to school for graduation, and then I went to the graduation thing.

I was wearing an outfit that actually perfectly describes me, a sleeveless galaxy print dress, with glow in the dark stars, cheater pockets, and navy blue converse. I got numerous comments from people wearing heels about how jealous they were of my sneakers. I loved it haha. it was actually great.

So I did the graduation thing, and now I’m a high school graduate. No more school at Perry. Whatever. After graduation my little group of girlfriends went to Denny’s to get our traditional chocolate chip pancakes. We ended up getting pancakes, hashbrowns, eggs, sausage, and biscuits.

I mean I guess I didn’t learn anything specifically new today, but I did take a big step towards the rest of life. So yay, for me, yay for the class of 2015!

One of the graduation speeches today was about trying your hardest to do the best you can, but above all being kind. I loved it so much, I really want to be able to be kind like the way her described it.


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