Tricks and Teases

There seems to be a lot of dreams that we have that never come true. Recently I’ve been looking into getting a car for college, I’m probably destined to get a corolla but I would love a Toyota Tacoma. I have made up my mind that as soon as I get out of college, I’m going to get myself one, and it is going to be a grand old time.

It’s just things like this that I don’t quite understand. If you want a specific car, save up your money, budget so you can afford it, and make it happen. If you want to look like the cute, fit girl at the grocery store then do that.

My point in this is something a little different. I think that if you want something you can work hard enough to get it. You have it in you to do so. There are very few things that are only every teases.

I think it is important for us to keep in mind how much power we have. I’ve written about the power of choice already, and here it comes again. The actions we choose to take can have an immeasurable effect on the outcome of our lives. I’m fascinated by what people choose to do. Sometimes the answer seems so obvious, but we still choose something different. Why is that? is human desire stronger than moral obligation? The world may never know…


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