Don’t Be Afraid

I know I’m supposed to post something everyday. But yesterday nothing was coming. So I decided silence was better than carrying on pointless words. Which actually makes me think. I enjoy silence more than I enjoy words at least half the time. Haha tangents.

Don’t be Afraid. Don’t be afraid of what?

A few things. I’ll try hit each.

Don’t be afraid to be the first one:
I love to be the first to try something, it’s my own definition of whatever it is, and I don’t have to compare to what someone else has done. At least, not yet.

If there’s somewhere I want to go, then sure I’ll research into it, and learn as much as I can, but I don’t feel a need to go with someone who has done it already. I know, I know, safety. But someone had to be first. Why can’t I be first for myself?

All the people that re big and successful at what they do, didn’t get there by doing what everyone else did. Right? We all know this. So why do we continue to go with the flow?

I’ve learned that I don’t like to be go with the flow. It’s not that I don’t like being a follower, I just don’t think the follower/leader situation applies to everything. And when it doesn’t, those are the moments I like to be first for myself. Maybe it’s because I’m seeking a reassurance that I am strong enough to do what I desire on my own.

I saw a quote similar to this statement, Your dreams don’t exist, you have to create them. You can’t live your dreams based on someone else’s definition, close to your own, you have to be bold enough to create your dreams the way you see them.

Don’t be afraid to be different:
I know there’s lots of quotes about not being afraid to be different. But It’s true. It’s just hard to do. Much much easier said than done. It’s really difficult when no one seems to approve of the choice you make, but something inside you tells you that your soul needs this. It’s frustrating.

Beauty ImageBeing different is uncomfortable. But then again, isn’t being “normal”? the daily struggle to keep up with current trends. Who said crop tops and short shorts were for everyone? The pressure to wear these things is incredible. I saw something great on Pinterest the other day: (I know what you’re thinking, stop making fun of me.) It’s the one of the left, if you didn’t figure that out. It’s great and I love it. Alot. There’s a lot of quotes like this on the internet, but if there are so many why aren’t we listening?

I have this really great friend, she’s fantastic and beautiful and she doesn’t wear make-up (I love make-up, it makes me feel beautiful, but I think it should enhance the beauty that is already there, not create an artificial mask). Anyway, this friend doesn’t feel the need to wear anything on her face and somehow she still radiates. She does not let the image of a woman of the front of a magazine define her self-worth. She knows who she is and what is important. And what is even better is that she is proud of herself for the things she has, and the things she has accomplished. I look up to her so much.

Yes Pooh BearPS. Crop tops can be for everyone.

Pooh bear is great. I could put Pooh bear quotes all over here. Maybe I’ll make a tangent post… we shall see. Tune in later.

Don’t be afraid to do what’s best for you
It breaks my heart to know what someone wants truly and then watch them give it up for someone else. I know this is good-hearted but how can you expect to be happy if you are forfeiting your happiness for someone else. Something I often think about is if people did what they needed to do to be happy (considering that it’s not harming other’s ability to be happy) then the world to be so much easier to live in.

I’m watching someone I love struggle to make a life decision based on what she feels morally obliged to do, and do what she needs to do for herself. I know that’s vague, but that’s all I’m giving. What I feel is somewhat frustrating, it’s easy to look from the outside and make a judgement about what should happen, but I’m not on the inside, I don’t really understand all the feelings and emotions that hold this whole situation together, hence it’s not my place to try and influence the decision.

I’m pretty stubborn about getting what I want, and it’s always a good thing, just sometimes I go about it the wrong way and it becomes potentially bad, which is a shame. But I still struggle to do what I think is best for me, because sometimes, it goes against what everyone else assumes is best for me. But they are not me, they don’t feel, think, see or want the same way I do. My opinion is the most important because I’m the one that has to make and live with the decision.

I just hope I make some decent ones. Haha

Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know
Some of the most beautiful things known to man are in fact not know. This unfamiliarity may be uncomfortable, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have worth. Everything ever discovered was once unknown, wasn’t it? How do we expand our knowledge if we are afraid to seek new information? We don’t. We would never have sent men to the moon if we had been afraid of space. We wouldn’t have light bulbs if we were still afraid of lightening. So many things all tie back to this.

Don’t be afraid to be curious. This is how we discover isn’t it?

The unknown can be scary, but don’t let it stop you from being curious and starting to unravel the secrets of the unknown.

There’s plenty of things in the world to be afraid of.

Why waste time being afraid of things that can be so wonderful?

Don’t be afraid of the dark


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