Two Jobs and the Luxury of Time

I have a long summer this year. I finished school on May 27th, and I don’t move in to the ASU dorms until Aug 16th. That’s a long time… Usually I’d be really excited about what I can do with all my “free time”, but get this, I got a job. So I’m making money this summer. It’s a worthwhile way to spend 3 months of summer.

My first job is at MomDoc OB/GYN business office. I work with some pretty great people, rearranging schedules and scanning in medical files. (Oh, I get to stamp the mail too!). I get to work Monday through Friday 2-7pm, and I don’t have to be on the phone, so I can plug into an audiobook, or music if I’d like.

I got a second job a few weeks ago at a call center called The Hive. It’s not a typical “Hi! Let me sell you this special vacuum cleaner from India that will make your hair grow back!”. I get to send out calls to people that requested more information about getting back into school for a degree. It’s something I believe in, so it’s definitely easier to talk to people about the benefits of education. My schedule is a little more sporadic with this job, but I usually get to work around 30 hours a week.

I know I’m really lucky to have 2 great jobs, hopefully I’ll make enough money at the end of the summer to purchase a vehicle that can get me to and from work while I’m living at ASU.

It would seem that a lot of my friends (almost all of them) are in band or doing drum corpse this summer. And I am not. I won’t lie, it’s kind of sad watching all your friends do this one thing that you love so much, but you can’t get involved the way you used to. It’s actually the weirdest thing. I love band, Perry band room, was literally my second home. I love the place, the people and the music. Graduating, as wonderful as it is, was kind of like getting kicked out of my house, I went from going to this one place every day for 3 hours, to not belonging in the room at all.

I’m pretty sure every band kids gets this feeling of “I was so important to the band that there is no way that life could continue without me.” I feel this way. A little bit. Haha in a different way. I feel like I was engrained in what band is, and band in me that severing that tie would cause something to retrogress. But as I look at the program and hear about their program for this upcoming marching season, it’s going to be spectacular.

It goes on.

There’s a reason I’m going to school to learn how to teach music, I love music, and I love being able to teach people what I’m so passionate about. I would be lying if I said that leaving an impression on the program didn’t make me feel good. My senior year I got to help in the lower band ensemble, most of them freshmen. There was a good split between the number of kids who were in the marching band, and kids who weren’t. I went to pick up my sister from band camp yesterday and I saw quite a few of those kids leaving the band room in work out clothes, carrying an instrument and genuinely smiling. I can’t help but feel some sort of “hey I helped you find that.” But regardless of how much I helped, I won’t ever get to march with them, and they won’t know the difference because

It goes on.

Time is the best cement to fill holes. Fortunately for me, time is going by pretty fast between two jobs, and pretty soon, this hole I feel, will be healed, and of course it’s not the end, I’m going to college for pete’s sake to study music.

It goes on.


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