If You Work Really Hard…

I’ve heard a lot of stories about peoples’ summer between Senior year, and Freshman year of college. Lots of stories are about exciting adventures in Drum Corps, world travel or hanging out with friends. I didn’t get to do this. And I had a sour attitude about it for a while.

If you read my old post, Two Jobs and The Luxury of Timethen you know I’m working two jobs, and I have been for months now. It got pretty rough about 2 weeks ago when I felt like I had no motivation to  work hard. I wasn’t making all that, I was really burned out, and I hadn’t found a good deal on a car yet. I had a really difficult time getting myself up and going every day, but just a couple days ago, my dad sent me a text about a really great deal on a car, and sure enough 2 days later I own a 5-speed 2000 Toyota Tacoma.

It became a lot easier to get up and go to work knowing that I have something to work for.

You here various versions of the quote, if you don’t have a goal you won’t go anywhere. If you’ve ever seen the movie Dodgeball, then you’ll know how this quote, ” I found that if you have a goal, that you might not reach it. But if you don’t have one, then you are never disappointed. And I gotta tell ya… it feels phenomenal”, actually proves to be an underlying theme of the movie as the opposite of what Peter LeFleur means.

Once at a Marching band rehearsal I even said something like that. I was leading Breathing Gym, and I said “If you don’t aim your sound somewhere, it’s going to go nowhere”. But it’s very true. If you don’t have an end point then you’ll never get anywhere, and it doesn’t matter what course you take (sounds like the Cheshire Cat now, doesn’t it).

You lose sight of the goal, and you lose your motivation. You lose motivation and you lose ambition. You lose ambition you miss opportunity.

You find a goal, and you find a way to make yourself remember what you’re aiming for.

There isn’t just one way to do things. Your goal is yours and shouldn’t be influenced by another’s opinion. (Of course there are exceptions to this, but in general). That’s what makes humans unique. We are all people, with individual goals, and different mindsets on how to accomplish them.

Go live your life, and don’t be afraid to make it a life you love.


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