Don’t Think, Just Do

You see a lot with an open mind, it’s actually quite interesting.

Just a few things I learned today:
1.Even new students bring you treats.
2. Always apply for something you want.
3. iPod’s last longer than you think
4. Used cymbals are hard to find…

1. I’m teaching a sweet boy at my new job, and although I’ve only taught him twice now, his mom sent him to his lesson today with a bag of fudge for me. I can’t say just how much that made me smile. I will say that this boy was a friend of my younger sister’s when we lived in China so that may have helped some πŸ™‚

2. You never really know when people will select you to have experiences you don’t think you deserve.

3. I was listening to a recently found album,Β Posters Fade – Derby, on my iPod and it should have died, but it didn’t and that was just great.

4. I’m trying to make an art project using a cymbal, but it turns out they’re difficult to find. Much more difficult then it should be.


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