Love Sucks, Life is Hard, and You’re Not that Special

Do you ever wonder about these three things? I do. Sometimes I wonder why even though everything in my life adds up like this:

Killer Scholarship + Following my Passion + Supportive Family + TWO great jobs  + Interactions with Nice People + Enough Money + Red Converse + Comfy Bed + Plenty of Entertainment

Regardless, my outcome isn’t happiness. You’re not always going to be happy. Just because you have all the ingredients doesn’t mean you’re using them correctly.

I cry a lot. And I let myself cry often because I think it’s human, and I think it’s characteristic of my human nature at this moment. It’s not preferable but it’s a consequence of misusing the ingredients, along with frustration, impatient, neglect, and isolation. Crying doesn’t make me any of those things. I cry when I feel those things, so I don’t let myself become angry at my tears.

We have just got to learn how to get up, and keep going.


This summer I was very alone, and I read tons of quotes about being happy alone, and actually I was usually quite happy. But one can only enjoy that for so long. It’s time for something new. It’s time to start living life with the people around me.


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