Good Things Don’t Last

About a month ago I was walking around campus and listening to music when the song This Too Shall Pass by OK Go came on. Naturally I was humming along the words in my head, and there’s a chorus of the song that sings the line “Let it go, this too shall pass” and I changed it a bit to “Let it go, good things don’t last.

The song has a great meaning because it’s about realizing that both the bad and the good things in life won’t last.

But memories last. And they can be destructive and/or awesome, or just about any emotion in between.  I want to create as many happy memories as I can, while learning not to get so attached to the memories that I lose focus of what’s important.


It’s 2016 now, so at 3:30 AM my friend Zack and I headed up to see the Grand Canyon because both of us are terrible Cactus People and we haven’t seen the Canyon. So we went.

The drive up is about 4 hours from where we left and we wanted to make it by Sunrise. Yeah, that didn’t happen, The Sun hit the horizon at 7:37, and we got there at 7:45. Regardless, we got out to go to the bathroom and we were ill-prepared for the ridiculous cold and wind.

I guess I didn’t really know what to expect when I saw the Canyon, but I certainly wasn’t expecting this:


It’s so picturesque I wanted to reach out with frozen hands and touch the other side, 18 miles away.

Zack and I took lots of selfies:

The North side of the canyon doesn’t have any kind of snow, but the South Rim did!


Throughout the day we froze, thawed, wandered around the canyon walls, and took lots of great pictures. Here is me absolutely freezing.



We ended up seeing 4 different viewpoints of the South Rim, saw a total of 3 Elk, drove more than 500 miles, spent 12 straight hours together, talked about the littlest things, and ate lots of Wendy’s, all before 4 PM.

What I got most out of this trip was that sometimes the people you least expect become really important  andyou don’t necessarily need to talk about all the “deep things” to be good friends. Zack and I have been friends for about 4 years, 2 of those he was gone serving an LDS mission in Guatemala, but he’s always been there for me, I hope I’ve been there for him too.


Oh, and guess what? We’re going to a wedding reception tomorrow. See, friends are great.

I think I like this system.

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