Everyone a Hero

I was hanging out with a friend the other day and we got talking about how everyone has at least one aspect of themselves that they can perform or use phenomenally, I like to think of it as a Superpower. At first I disagreed, I was only considering what might be known more as viable “talents” such as  creating pottery, speaking in public, or in my case, playing piano. I voiced my disagreement but was swiftly met with a flattering blow of examples of things I did well. Here’s an example of something I don’t usually do, paint. (Just because I really am proud of this, I want to share it.)Blog Buddy

We started talking about how maybe not everyone’s so called “talent” is something so concrete as Singing. He even suggested that maybe my ability to be Abstract might be my Superpower. So I went with it and I’ve been thinking about it almost constantly since. I even went back on some of my older posts and could see how that applies (Confessions of an Old Soul, Scars, Time, Painting on a Blank Canvas… The list goes on). Of course, after thinking about this for myself and starting to learn what one of my Superpowers may be, I started wanted to know others.

Emily Wapnick gave a fantastic Ted Talk about why some people don’t fit into one category (and you can find it here). I strongly believe this to be true.

Thinking about it more, I do think everyone has a Superpower. And who’s to say whether or not it’s useful? Who even defines useful? I think that the width of power that mankind possess spans more than we think. In the world we live in, we are programmed to believe that we must fit to one model, but so many of our creative brains itch to try something just a little different without feeling threatened.

Everyone has potential, it just takes the right circumstances and nurturing to develop it.

If you’ve got a Superpower, don’t give up on it. And if you haven’t found one yet, watch that Ted Talk, and then keep looking.


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