Where You Don’t Stand

I went on a date last night (Believe it, or not) and we talked about quite a few things that were opinion based, and I think that perhaps my date found me boring because I spent most of the time trying to understand his perspective.

This morning, I got up early and went out with a different friend. We were talking about a few things and I found myself almost buying into what he was saying. I find that when I talk to people about belief based topics, I tend to latch onto what they are saying and their perspective, and I hardly mention my own ideas. I lose track of where they are and where they fit into the conversation. I think this may be because I personally don’t know where I stand.

My friend and I talked about this as well, and why it’s okay not to know exactly where you stand. When something happens to you that shakes your foundations, you lose where you stand but that doesn’t mean you are clueless.

There are somethings I know I don’t stand with, and that’s a start for me of where I want to stand. I’m not thrilled by the idea of doing a process of elimination for this situation, but knowing where I do not stand is better than having no idea what I do or do not stand with.

I guess when I say I stand with something, I mean that I have an opinion about it in which I have reasonable claims as to why I believe what I do. I like to think I have opinions about things, but I can’t talk about them because I haven’t done the research I need to, or had the experiences to be able to talk about these things and be sure of what I believe.

Maybe it’s a personality thing too. It doesn’t really both me that I don’t know where I stand, I suppose I would be able to pick if it came down to it, but it’s not a pressing problem of self identification. It’s more of a passing thought of “I wish I knew so I could explain it to others.”

Just an opinion. We will see.


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