Lessons Learned in Trying to Change

You can’t turn someone into someone they are not. It won’t matter how hard you try. So

Maddism #8: Don’t try to turn someone into someone they’re not because you think they would be better for you.

I’ve tried too many times in the last year to change people to be who I thought they should be and I think I’ve finally gotten to a point at which I can understand that people aren’t supposed to work that way.

A number of attempts confirmed that people will do what they want to regardless of your feelings because they have their own and you have to accept that. But here are somethings I learned along the way:

  • People will love you in ways differently than your own
  • Sometimes it’s not compatible and you have to learn to accept it.
  • Anyone can call you “Darling”.
  • Anyone can kiss you
  • You can’t force a relationship to happen
  • People’s religious beliefs won’t change because yours might
  • Perspective is everything.
  • Sometimes what you thought was right originally is no longer the best idea.
  • Sometimes you have to accept that you tried to convince yourself of something because it was convenient.
  • Not everyone wants to be your friend
  • You don’t have to want to be everyone’s friend
  • People will inevitably do what they want.
  • You have to find worth in yourself before others can truly find worth in you.

And my favorites will be included in my Maddisms Page.

Don’t get discouraged by friends, family or lovers, people will come and go in your life because life keeps on changing. And that’s what keeps it interesting.


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