Don’t You Let That Hurt You

There are things in your life that hurt you. And it’s okay to be hurt when it happens. It’s okay to do what you need to, to get better. But once you know you’ve reached that point of getting better, if that thing (whatever it may be) comes back to hurt you, then:
Maddism #16: Don’t let the past you again

*Insert Cliche Lion King Picture

lion King

You are stronger than what hurt you.

Somethings might always make you a little sad, and some things might always set you on edge, but don’t let it hurt you again.

Something came back into my life today that almost threw me for a loop. But I had to step back, assess the situation and identify where I stood. (In reference to, Where You Don’t Stand, This is one of the times where I can’t say exactly where I stand on everything, but I know where I stand on this). 

I wanted to be alone and think and fall into a pit of endless misery for the night. I genuinely felt my brain telling me that was how I was going to cope, by moping about it.

But thank heavens for a guy named Kyle.

Story Time:

I insisted on having a car on campus this year, and I needed on to get to work, to pay for having a car. So I have one, but I have to park a mile away from my dorm. Yes. I walk there almost everyday.

I was in my “I need to mope in self pity” mindset as I started drudging back to Barrett, when a tall, long haired, red head on a long board crossed the street and grabbed my attention. This was the guy my roommate and I had met in the dining hall one night. (he likes to make stuff, so he cut off the bell to a trumpet, and created a mechanism to reattach it using screws. He also made a plethora of other bells to be added to the trumpet. In short, he’s awesome.

So he started walking with me back to Barrett. And we talked about cars, and life goals and important people in our lives, and it was a great conversation. I wouldn’t have thought too much about it aside from his timing. He arrived precisely when I needed someone to snap me out of the “I’m moping. Go Away.” phase.

Thank you, Kyle.

You Will Start To Heal

Since starting this school year I’ve noticed that my skin seems slower at repairing itself. Bruises last longer, cuts don’t heal for weeks, among other things. I attempted to solve the issue with a vitamin supplement, visits to the doctor and careful nursing of my skin, but nothing seemed to improve my condition.

Until I met someone who has made me smile every day since we met. (And the smiling has only gotten more contagious and common).

I’ve noticed my skin healing more. Bruises that would last upwards of a month are now almost healed after a week, and cuts and scabbing over and healing faster than I can remember.


Just remember that you will start to heal, and when you recognize it, you should smile.


Thank you to the people who make me smile


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