Thanks for the Adventure

I’m going to Six Flags tomorrow, and I’m on a trip in California with a couple of friends. I’m on what I would consider an adventure πŸ™‚

I love adventures, and I love going on them with fantastic people. This adventure is wonderful because we’ve visited the Getty, and the beach and we’re having fun. But sometimes adventures have sour aspects. I got a call today from my family with two bits of news, my fish, Diaper, (You know, the one I mention all the time) that I’ve had since Valentines Day 2015, died this afternoon. My sister also crashed the same car I did just about a year ago. An old man grabbed my butt on an elevator ride, and I had to haggle with the motel lady to get a room because I’m not 21. So, you come to realize that there are times when adventures are perfect, and other times when they’re just what they are.

I consider adventures to be almost anything. I think going to Walmart can be an adventure because you never know what’s going to happen when you’re hunting for the milk at 11 PM. I think adventures are taking trips with friends and loved ones. Adventures are when you enjoy time with someone (or a group of people) that you care about.
I want to go on lots of adventures, and quite often I spend lengths of time with the same person. In China, my best friend and I went on so many adventures, from the Chinese Arcade, to buying chocolate milkshakes for cute boys during lunch, and running into each other in a Beijing restaurant. I love her for the role she played (and still plays) in my life, and who she is. After, I moved to my first boyfriend, and the adventure was different. We went to Peach Festivals, Dances, and Band Events together. We enjoyed our time and each other. I appreciate him for what he did for me, what he taught me to do, and how he helped me learn to express love for others. I’ve had a couple other adventure partners since, but I typically stick to one because I get attached to them and want to share the exciting and the not exciting parts of my life with them, and I want them to to trust me enough to share those parts of their life with me as well.

I would consider myself simultaneously  on a number of adventures – one with every person or group. And sometimes those adventures are fantastic, fun and exciting. But sometimes they end. People stop clicking the same way. The friend you thought would never hurt you stabs you in back. Your squad falls into disfunction. You break up. You get into fights. You move away. You stop talking. You neglect opportunities to express concern and love for others. Your fish dies. The adventure is over.

And sometimes all I can think to say when I know our journey together is ending is “Thanks for the Adventure.”


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