5 Things You’re Good At

Think about it, write it down if you want, but think about 5 things you’re actually good at. I mean things you tend to just have a knack for. Here’s 5 of mine:

  1. I’m good at recognizing when someone is feeling down
  2. I can make a perfect grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  3. I can play the piano fairly well
  4. I can throw awesome formal events
  5. I’m great at taking care of the people I love most.

While I was trying to come up with these five things I found that I struggled quite a bit. I couldn’t think of what I was good at because I have so much doubt in in myself. There are so many other things I considered but one little flicker of doubt made me think that that would be lying to think I was good at it. I wasn’t thinking about the very broad/general things I may be good at in the work place.

So try this, think about work, school, clubs, involvements yo have, adventures you’ve taken and consider what people admire about you in those and list 5 useful things you’re good at:

  1. I have a knack for operating machinery well without much practice.
  2. I understand and can work with children.
  3. I know how to adjust and fit into different environments.
  4. I can lead a large group of people to accomplishing one goal.
  5. My sympathy for others allows me to understand their situations and help them.

Did you find that any easier. For some reason I did.

There is such a fine line between confidence and arrogance. I often find myself so afraid of others seeing me as arrogant that I stay away from confidence all together. It’s a habit that encourages self doubt and frustration and I wouldn’t recommend it.

I love watching videos, reading stories and meeting people that are self empowering, smart and get what they want, but above all they’re soft, gentle people. If I’m going to have pride in myself I’m going to do it in a way where I don’t become a hard, aggressive person.

I think that starts with just letting others be themselves. Don’t hold them back from their potential by constantly correcting them based on your standards. Try not to judge them for the actions you don’t understand. Let them discover what they love about themselves, and instead maybe you should try figuring out for yourself what you like best. Admire others for their efforts in showing who they are and what makes them unique. It takes courage to do that. Everyone is a little bit weird but we all put on the normal mask to blend in, those who take it off are the ones who are confident and brave.

A little bit of weird never hurt anyone. See if you can find 5 weird little things you’re good at, and make sure that they make you smile.


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