Look What You’ve Done

I hadn’t heard this song in years until a local radio station played it. I really love this song, and you should check it out 🙂

It’s been stuck in my head for a few days and it’s gotten me thinking about what I’ve done in the past year, what I’m proud of, and things I don’t want to remember.

Honestly, this song really makes me think about people that hurt me. And it makes me feel better because somehow I feel justified in feeling like it’s not my fault.

I’m such a non-confrontational person that I don’t give friends the opportunity to change things they’re doing that hurt me before I decide the friendship needs to end. I don’t like to change people, so if something they’re doing hurts my feelings then I must be the one in the wrong.

I desperately what to believe this lie, but it’s not true. I’m too sensitive, too picky, and too stubborn. If someone allows me into part of their life and I accept them for who they are then I take it on as my responsibility to make that person happy given my role in their life. I avidly avoid actions that I know will upset them. It was my mistake to think the people I allow into my life have the same standards.

Compromise is literally everything in friendships, and if it’s a good friendship, it won’t feel like a sacrifice.


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