Please Go Dance in the Rain 

What do you think when you hear the name Arizona? 

I’ve heard all kinds of crazy ideas like we all still ride horses instead of cars, and we live in teepees… Sure.  

Here’s a list of some pretty good Arizona reputations:

My point is that right now is Monsoon season in Central Desert Land, and that means sudden downpours, awesome desert smelling rain, and one happy Maddie running through the puddles. 

I walked outside with an umbrella and sweatshirt and within the first 3 minutes of being on the street a nice man pulled up beside me in a truck and asked if I needed a ride home. Well, no. Duh. 

He drove up and I watched him drive the huge puddles forming on the sides of the street. He and I were the only ones actually enjoying the rain from what I could tell. 

I was soaked through, I’d given up on the umbrella, I lost a shoe and my makeup was ruined. But I smiling and giggling. Each clap of Thunder and flash of lightening made me laugh and grin. I was in such a giddy move I start listing things I loved about my life and eventually I couldn’t stop thinking of odd little perks I love about my life. 

I would hope that everyone has some sort of outlet in which they can giggle and feel ridiculous and not have a care in the world about what others think. 


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