Hugs and Kisses and All the Things that Make Me Cry

If you know me personally, you know that I cry. Often. Silly things too.

I have cried happy, I have cried sad. I have cried scared, and frustrated, and angry, and hurt and confused and excited and just about every other emotion.

The point is I cry a lot.

Today, I cried 7 times. (I had to correct this from 4 when I finished the list below)

  1. The first time today was when I was sitting in Urgent Care and they Doctor told me I had mono.
  2. Incident two happened when I was trying to drive home I got stuck in traffic and flipped off by a pedestrian.
  3. The third case of waterworks occurred when I sat down and realized how much work I had to do and that I actually couldn’t rest, even though I took the day off from work.
  4. I also cried after hugging my mother.
  5. And when I couldn’t understand physics
  6. That one happened twice.
  7. The seventh time, is now. It’s 9PM. I wanted to shower 10 hours ago. My whole body hurts and I feel incapable.

Today has been a sad crying day.

But sometimes they’re not all bad.

When it comes to be my time of the month my hormones go on a rampage. (I end up with hormonal screeches…)

Once, on the peak day of PMS, I was leaving work and when I got into my truck I was expecting to see my “Check Engine” staring into my soul and draining my bank account. It took me half a mile away from work to realize that it had turned off.

And you know what happened?

I bawled.

I had to pull off the road and get myself together. And then when I got my parents house we all had a chuckle over ice cream.

Lots of things make me cry, for good and bad reasons.

I cry when,

  • I realize how much someone has helped me
  • I can’t understand my homework
  • When I make a traffic mistake and people are visibly upset
  • Someone gives me a meaningful hug
  • Someone holds me when I can’t hold myself together
  • I think about losing someone
  • I realize how much I want chocolate
  • My living space is a mess
  • People frustrate me
  • My piano students do well

I kind of just expect to cry now a days. It happens so often I learn to just roll with it.

Crying isn’t always a bad thing.

Actually, it usually makes me feel better.


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