Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Last night wasn’t very fun. I babysat a very sweet girl for a few hours and she was fun to play with, but after leaving I had to head to a gas station for gas. 

As soon as I got there I realized I had to empty my bladder, asap. So as I was filling my tank I was on my tiptoes trying to ignore how much I needed to pee. It wasn’t working so I started jumping from inside the truck to out. At one point I’d thrown everything into the cabin of my truck and my janky door handle stopped working… with my keys, phone, and wallet all trapped inside. 

I went inside, talked to the gas station attendant who was having a difficult time understanding my English, but nonetheless walked out to my truck with me, tried to open the door and let me use the gas station phone to call someone. The only phone numbers I know belong to my family. My dad showed up 10 minutes later with a bunch of keys that didn’t fit. So we called my brother in Tempe who has the other copy. 30 minutes later half of my family was huddled around a 17 year old car in a sketchy gas station. 

After it all got figured out, I grabed the bowl I’d driven out to South Chandler to pick up, and went home at 2 am…. I got a text from my brother who left later than me saying that the gas station man had given him cookies to give to me. 

Some people are kind in difficult situations. Some people are always there regardless of the inconvenience. Some people stop caring. I got lucky last night that my family was so quick to help me out. 

I think it’s about time to fix the damn handle. I think it’s about time to start depending on the dependable people. It’s time to start being a dependable person. It’s time to stop passively waiting for life to turn out the way I want. 

Stupid things in life are going to happen. You’re door handle will stop working even though you didn’t lock the door. You’re going to hit speed bumps in your path, and if you’re not ready to combat the situations, you most certainly will need help getting out. 

I need to be more prepared to work for what I want and stop expecting things from people. They’ll help you if they can, but most of the time, people have their own lives going on. It doesn’t matter how much you invest in them, there is no guarantee they’ll return the effort. So if they don’t, stop giving them the attention. Don’t be spiteful, don’t get angry, just depend on the people worth depending on.


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