Why Am I Always Cold?

I was wondering today about why I was so cold in the 60 degree weather. I was shivering and uncomfortable and I started thinking about how others experience things in comparison to how I experience them.

I was talking with my brother about this and it immediately turned into a joke of, “what if bananas taste differently to other people?” But this did start a chain of thoughts.

According to Reference.com, perception is made from 2 things, past events, and interpretation. Which does make sense in why people experience things differently. Certain scenarios would trigger specific reactions in some, while the same scenario provokes nothing in another person.

More often than not I’m shivering and cold if the temperature is below 80. It honestly makes me shiver and feel uncomfortable.  Do other people feel the same way? It is a physical difference that makes me react to adversely to the cold? I’ve been starting to wonder about it, and realized that this is something that occurs in almost every aspect of our lives.

When I’m giving a piano lesson I have to make sure my students understand the material I am trying to teach them in a way that makes sense individually. It’s important to adapt to different types of learning.

I think frequently about emotional well being and experiences in myself and others. I have determined that I am a highly emotional person and express those feeling constantly. I have a tendency to lose my temper, especially when my monthly hormone imbalance hits. I don’t like change that involves emotionally adaptation.

I experience emotions in high quantities and more often than not, I just need someone to help distract me from over thinking. This is something I can do by myself, but it’s a miserable fight I struggle with monthly and it’s wearing me down. Having dependable people to help me has been much more effective and makes me happier in the long run. The people that will go out and get coffee with me, take me to make a pot, or go on long drives with me and talk about what’s important in life. Those are the people that help me realize what’s important and what’s not going to matter in the future.

I use both sides of my brain frequently. The computational, scientific side of my brain is needed to help me succeed in academic settings, but my creative and wild side of my brain prances through the rest of my thought process. And that side of my brain comes with an overbearing amount of emotions. Like most women, I wish desperately I could turn them off and not feeling upset or overly attached to certain things. It’s frustrating not being able to control your reactions to things – But as I said before reactions are linked to past experiences and perception.

Don’t let your perceptions get the better of you. Let them get out of hand and you’ll feel miserable. I know I do. Too often I judge a situation before knowing the full story and make mistakes in my conclusions. It’s not worth letting yourself get more upset over.

Emotions suck. All of them. At some point or another, having a feeling, or not being able to find an emotion is going to suck. And I wish I could turn them off.


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