The Lack of Gratitude

I think there are times to by happy. And be sad. There are time to cry and laugh and dance and sing. But there’s always time to be grateful.

Today I am grateful for these 10 things. 

1. I am so lucky to have a job doing something I enjoy with good people.

2. I am so glad I have the opportunity to learn at a great university.

3. I couldnt ask for better, more dependable people that don’t make me feel bad for crying.

4. I admire rhe beautiful crazy things that humans can dream and make.

5. I am thrilled to have the ability to run and move and do almost anything I want.

6. I’m grateful for the people that don’t try and hit me on my motorcycle. 

7. I’m thankful for honesty and communication.

8. I am indebted to the people that understand my social anxiety and do their best to include me anyway.

9. I’m glad that I’m starting to learn how my body works, and I’m adapting as needed. 

10. I’m happy for the goals I set, whether or not I make them. I’m happy for the challenges and growth I make.

Things won’t always go your way in life. You’ll get dumped. You’ll get dissapointed. You’ll have things hidden from you. You may even get angry… that doesn’t mean you stay angry. It means you go out and make it better.


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