Paper Rose

This past week has been INSANE with the amount of studying and homework I’ve been trying to catch up on. I have a very difficult time focusing on homework in the place where I live so I have to go out and find space to do my work. I hate school libraries. Don’t know why, city libraries are the bomb, but school libraries feel like prisons to me. (City libraries have children’s sections and adult coloring pages, maybe that’s why).

Usually I go to local coffee shops and recently I’ve found a little place I so much. In the past month I’ve probably clocked about 40 hours there alone, I don’t even want to think about how much money I’ve spent on food and drinks there… yikes. They have the best chocolate cream cheese muffins.

This morning I arrived at my coffee shop, got my drink and muffin and sat down to do my last bit of Calculus Homework EVER. I’ve been waiting too long for this day. Halfway through my laptop died and I had to move seats to plug it in and in the mean time I managed to lose my car keys, and make a mess of all  my stuff, but I did end up sitting next to a group of ladies having a very interesting (and neutral/friendly/open) conversation about how appropriate it is to address LGBT concerns.

There was a man with an awesome mustache sitting behind that group of ladies. I’d seen him here before and he was always studying for some kind of test but I couldn’t make out what. This time, as he was leaving he stopped by my table and left a little intricate origami rose on my table.

I love being challenged to do something and then following through. I really admire Cody, for what he did for a complete stranger. There’s no way he could understand that I’ve been struggling with school work, completely exhausted, and overwhelmingly stressed. He made my weekend.

Yesterday, I ran a 5K with my sister and as we were on the last leg, I was joking about picking up a cone and carrying it to the finish line. Emily doubted I would do it. Oops. I carried a cone the last half mile and crossed the finish line with it. I confused everyone there, but Emily and I had a good laugh about it afterwords.

I love it when people are brave and impulsive. It makes me feel alive and I haven’t done anything like that in so long. There are so many things I just want to do for fun. So many little adventures I want to go on.


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