I am a plethora of advice. Come. Indulge yourself in my knowledge.

Maddism #1: If I get to the door first and hold it open for you, you walk in first. No questions asked.

Maddism #2: If I’m dining by myself and you aren’t going to offer me free dessert, please don’t ask why I’m alone.

Maddism #3: If you wear converse in the cold, loosen the shoe laces. You’re cutting off circulation.

Maddism #4: If there is a “NO TURN ON RED” sign getting off the freeway, I’m not going to turn. And honking your horn at me isn’t going to pressure me into it. Stop. It’s rude.

Maddism #5: If you are hungry and only have a block of Sharp Cheddar Cheese, eating the whole thing is not a good idea. Don’t eat the whole thing. Just don’t.

Maddism #6: Always say I love you when you have the chance.

Maddism #7: Never challenge me to any version of Super Smash Brothers, I will put you to shame.

Maddism #8: Don’t try to turn someone into someone they’re not because you think they would be better for you.

Maddism #9: People will love in ways differently than your own.

Maddism #10: Anyone can call your “Darling”.

Maddism #11:People’s religious beliefs won’t change because your might have.

Maddism #12: Perspective is everything

Maddism #13: Sometimes what you thought was right is no longer the best idea.

Maddism #14: Not everyone wants to be your friend.

Maddism #15: You have to find worth in yourself before others can truly find worth in you.

Maddism #16: Don’t let the past hurt you again.

Maddism #17: You don’t really need a bunch of best friends.

Maddism #18: Sunless Tanner is your friend, use it wisely, but never, NEVER forget to wash your hands after application.

Maddism # 19: Know your definition of love, and own it.

Maddism #20: Interpret songs your own way. Hate them, love them, whatever. But have a personal experience with it.

Maddism #21: The Avett Brothers are fantastic.

Maddism #22: The best relationships are the ones filled with inside jokes, random attachments on Facebook, picking up and mimicking each others actions, and spending quality time with each other.

Maddism #23: You can make lots of friends by having similar taste in nail polish.